Madi Colville-Walker

Madi Colville Walker, is a proud Yorta Yorta Woman, an inspiring musician who has had many opportunities after her very first performance at the CMAA Junior Academy back in 2017. Madi has since performed at many significant events throughout Victoria and NSW and has had the opportunity to work alongside many organisations. During her time in the music industry, Madi has supported many well-known artists such as Uncle Archie Roach, Isaiah Firebrace, Benny Walker, Fanny Lumsden, Kutcha Edwards and Darlinghurst. She has completed a national tour of Australia with Alice Skye and was the recipient of the Uncle Archie Roach Foundation Awards at the 2023 National Indigenous Music Awards, held in Darwin.

Madi Continues to hold a strong connection to her Community, Country, as well as all of the organisations and people she has connected with throughout her journey as an artist. Coming from a musical family Madi has many inspirations and looks up to many of these people such as: Archie Walker (Grandfather, Yorta Yor ta elder), Benny Walker (Award winning artist),Cassie Leopold,(Darlinghurst Band) and Rob Walker (Gui- tarist). These people who inspire Madi have encouraged her to do her best in music, as well as having a strong continuous support from her family.ging Artist Award 2021.