With a voice that oscillates between soothing oms and Björk-esque choruses, Melody Moon’s songs carry the listener deep into their feeling realm. Singing in sentiments of personal growth backed by the recorded world around her, she creatively champions a re-connection with nature, entwining her folk songs with flowing rivers and bold beats. Having spent the last 3 years exploring how to infuse the natural world and technology into her live performances, the Surf Coast multi-instrumentalist brings a fresh sound to the stage with her collected samples, live looping and mantra-style sing-a-longs.


Since her song ‘Out of the City’ hit the top 10 on the Amrap AirIt Charts back in 2011, Melody has created a collection of 5 EPs and an album ranging from folk to meditation to pop. Her songs can be heard on radio, documentaries, environmental campaigns, in yoga studios and on dance floors and stages across Australia.