Māmā Mihirangi”
of the Ngāti Maniapoto tribe, Ngāti Rākeiora & Ngāti Waikorara sub-tribes” !!

Ali Campbell UB40 UK – “She’s just brilliant, in the 30 years I’ve toured the world I’ve never seen anything like her”

The Georgia Straight Vancouver – “Between her appetite for musical adventure, her Māori roots, and her political convictions, she’s the perfect model of a 21st-century shaman and star” ”

A concert of indigenous earthy feminine power and inspiring cultural identity, an emotional expression of traditional and contemporary music, instruments and spirituality.”

Māmā Mihirangi is an Artist-Activist and is the internationally renowned queen of live-looping. Of the Ngāti Maniapoto tribe and Ngāti Rākeiora & Ngāti Waikorara sub-tribes, through her lineage Mihirangi is a Tōhunga – a Māori shaman and healer, and is a musical master in the art of songwriting & live-loops.

On the Executive Committee of the Global Alliance of Mother Nature’s Guardians, Mihirangi has worked for Greenpeace, WSPA and the International Women’s Development Agency and Spiritual Unity of the Tribes and is a former Sea Shepherd Director, Crew Member and Quarter Master. The toast of the international festival market, Mihirangi has performed for and with fellow artist activists Arrested Development, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Public Enemy, Michael Franti, Lee Scratch Perry, Flava Flav, Alice Cooper, The Dixie Chicks, Pierce Brosnan and Martin Sheen.

Mihirangi’s fearlessness and inclusivity draws her audience into the heart and spirit of the magic she creates musically. Weaving her voice into intricate harmonies with traditional and contemporary instruments her lyrics speak powerfully and poetically to indigenous and environmental issues. Her naturalness, infectious laughter and authenticity is “exciting, original and conscious and an honour to watch” (The Agency Victoria Australia).”

“I share my culture, traditions and spirituality to inspire the positive changes that we must make as
a human family. I do this through my music, songs and lyrics in a way that celebrates indigenous
values and traditions that honour and heal our relationship with Papatuānuku – the Earth Mother”.
Mihirangi 2018.

“Mihirangi has got locked down a whole new way of doing music… it’s going to revolutionise us as artists” Speech, Arrested Development ”