Manifold Resolution are a captivating and unique musical experience, blending elements of electric and organic music to create a multiverse of sound. The music paints a vivid picture of the energy and creativity the members bring to the stage.


Mr. Manifold: As the DJ and producer is the architect behind the band’s multidimensional sound. His work on the decks and in the studio lays the foundation for the diverse beats that drive the music.


Lady Renoir: With her versatile and captivating voice takes centre stage, delivering lyrics that are both provocative and seductive, as well as thunderous and elemental. Her vocal prowess adds a unique dimension to the band’s sonic palette.


Dandelion Jackson: Her saxophone skills are a standout feature in Manifold Resolution. From brilliant horn lines to slick solos, her sax adds a dynamic and melodic aspect to the band’s music. Additionally, her ability to switch between swampy vocals adds depth to their performances.


Tama Brightwell: Contributes to the band’s sound by adding textures and timbres through powerful percussion and drums. His stage presence helps maintain the energy and cool vibe of their performances.


The combination of these talented individuals creates a vibrant and immersive musical experience that is sure to get the crowd jumping and the heart thumping. Manifold Resolution’s ability to blend different musical elements and genres into a cohesive whole is what makes them a fascinating and innovative addition to the world of music.