Dane Blacklock and the Preacher’s Daughter

Step into the world of Dane Blacklock & The Preacher’s Daughter, where Satanic-Gospel cabaret collides with the raw energy of a Rock Opera. This 11-piece powerhouse delivers a Broadway-style musical sermon, showcasing an eclectic mix of doom folk, grime blues and good old fashioned rock ‘n roll. Their performances are a sinful and joyous spectacle, featuring a tantalizing mix of tongue-in-cheek humor, larger-than-life theatrics replete with a choir, brass section and roaming performer Pip Serpentina.

Dane Blacklock & The Preacher’s Daughter preach a gospel of ultimate freedom, urging you to cast off the chains of shame and guilt, revel in life’s abundant pleasures and to embrace the chaos of existence. Surrender to your deepest desires and join them on a journey to the depths of Hell and back, where the flames of passion dance in the shadows, and the intoxicating rhythm of rebellion becomes the anthem of your liberated soul.