Covid Safe

At Bilyana, we’re taking our Covid Safe responsibilities  very seriously. We want everyone to have a fantastic and safe time. Please read through our Covid Safe rules and information below as well as on the links provided.


1. Please bring your mask and keep it on, or in your pocket.
2. Being with other people is great but do it safely.
3. Absolutely no arrivals after dark
4. Everyone must have a ticket before they arrive
5. This is a no BYO event – absolutely no booze to be brought into the arena
6. You may camp for the night of 31st – please arrive nice and early so you can really enjoy the bush. Gates open 10 am
7. You may continue to camp off the property in camp sites in the park after the event however no catering will be available from us
8.  Please fill your cars with people, not the paddock with one person cars
9. Sorry no pets.
10. NO FIRES unless in provided locations
11. Please bring ID.
12. Please have your car off the property by early arvo of the 1st. Talk to us if you’re not fine for driving as we can facilitate some later departures upon arrangement
13. Consider spending some more time in the north east, supporting regional businesses, or at least soaking up nature

Management reserve the right to refuse entry to people showing anti social behaviour.

We also reserve the right to remove patrons from the venue and property for abuse, not following covid safe guidelines or any other reason with in our licensing responsibilities



All people on site, whether working, playing or attending must provide a digital vaccination certificate as per Victorian Government regulations for events. 

Every one must scan in using the provided QR code and display the ‘green tick’ showing your double vax status

We are encouraging everyone to take a rapid antigen test . This should be taken before you leave if you dont stop before you get here. If you do stop to fill up or play bridge with your Aunty then you should take a test as you arrive at Bilyana. If you test negative youre in..  It is not a requirement at this point due to supply. If we can get enough then we will ask every one to take them

You may not attend the event if:  

i. You have been in close contact with a person who is diagnosed coronavirus (COVID-19) positive
ii. You are positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)

 Check before you leave your home

We have taken a variety of steps to make this a Covid safe event 

QR codes for entry will be in place for the event with patrons required to electronically sign in providing their full name, contact number and/or email address. Patrons who are unable to scan the code will be offered to log directly into the site to record their details  via our tablet

If you have any symptoms please take a lateral flow test before driving here or to take before entering the ticketing area.

Please always carry your mask in case you cannot maintain 1.5 metres distance from people not in your group.


If you have covid or a close contact and cannot and should not attend then you will be refunded

If you stay home because of self assessed and declared covid symptoms you will be refunded.

If this event can’t proceed  all tickets including fees will be refunded within 48 hours.

BOB will only be cancelled in response to direct government COVID-19 restrictions  – we will be going ahead in all weather conditions

If you are refunded due to COVID reasons we ask for a small or large bit of help – we dont have a cancellation fee but would welcome what you can afford as a tip or as an offer.