Do not camp under limbs of trees!

Red gums in particular drop limbs.. So you must look up and not camp under tree limbs. When choosing a campsite, observe how many fallen branches there are in the bush. This is even more important after all the wet conditions recently

In general your car will be parked off site, you will catch a bus and you will carry your stuff to your choice of campsite

Camping is allowed on the western side of Bilyana, in the bush along the exit track, and behind the stage. You will get the drift when you get here. Camping is NOT ALLOWED in front of the house nor in areas marked as car parking for bands

We recommend you look at this map and talk with your mates about where you want to meet up.

There is plenty of camping along the creek but not within 20m of the bank and certainly never ever on the sand – floods can and do happen!

Camping is also allowed at Jordan’s hole, below the property. This means having to walk up the track (2 mins) to the Bilyana’s western most gate – Gate 3.

Basically the further away you camp from the property the quieter it will be. Check out the map and speak top your mates about where you are or where you want to be


ALWAYS ensure there is at least 2 meters between your tent and the next – we do not want any accidents, and if the CFA will need to get to you they don’t want to run or trample over tent


  • Plenty of camping in the open on Bilyana property – please observe the no camping signs.
  • Beautiful camping in the bush all around – highly recommend if you are a light sleep or with families.
  • Options include near the creek, on hill overlooking creek, near the boundary
  • Please respect the conditions of the Parks permit for camping in the National Park.
  • As you are all friendly, feel free to ask others about campsite.
  • We also hope you will help each other carry stuff.
  • PLEASE leave your campsite in a perfect state of cleanliness
  • BRING BAGS FOR YOUR REFUSE – the best please for this is back at YOUR HOUSE, and definitely not with us. A rubbish tip we are NOT