We are proud of serving a great range of selected craft beers. There will be some who like it simple ( lager), with plenty of choice for those who like beer made by people rather than foreign owned massive companies.

We normally have around ten beers to choose from and also feature some mystery beers or single keg pours.

You can bring an old FRL schooner or your old FRL mug. You will buy a schooner from HQ where you buy your drink tickets. The bar does not accept payment, nor have schooners. It might sound clunky but ot works. You hang on to your schooner, clean it your self at the taps. We recommend writing your name on it! We will not be offering refunds or deposit refunds on the schooners. They are yours to keep!

We will have a very limited run of new mugs. When we say new, they happen to be printed with the 2022 logo  – we can cross it out and put 2023 if you like.

Drinks other than beer

  • Kombucha cocktails and slushies
  • Poured cocktails featuring a range of gins
  • Frozen margaritas
  • Cider
  • Pure Bilyana rain water
  • Kombucha on tap by Good Brew Co.
  • Juice based slushies
  • Coffee
  • local wines
If you are passionate about craft beers or spirits, then please get in touch if you would like to talk about your drinks being added to the menu