The Harmaniax…the SUPER GROUP create a unique blend of toe tappin’ Cajun, Zydeco and Blues inspired music.

Geoff Le Blanc (THE LE BLANC BROTHERS) brings true Cajun royalty with his Cajun Accordeons and those original Bayou tunes that flow from him like his Cajun blood

Paul Jonas (FIRE & THEFT) one of Melbourne finest violin players, melds his unique style to bring a truly original sound that you can kick yer heels up to.

Nick Thorpe (PRAYERBABIES) drives the music with his beautiful double bass and voice

Billy Abbott (Crawfish Dave) on lead vocals, soulful clarinet and snappy washboard brings a wealth of Zydeco/Cajun experience


Paul Dalby on Guitar and vocals of PRAYERBABIES fame.

So now that we have been introduced…you sure do sound like you’re up for some good old KNEES UP! LET’S GO!