This is super hard to write…

It is with open eyes and heavy heart I need to announce that we have to postpone the 18th Festival of Folk Rhythm and Life. We’ve made the decision as a family that right thing to do is wait till it drys out.

Bilyana is completely saturated. The campers side is a swamp with constant rain and a lot of seepage from the hills. A lot. The St. John’s ambo track is running water. It’s a bog, no man’s land waiting to happen.

Simply , there may have been a chance if the current rain and what’s coming next was sunshine instead. We would need 3 -4 weeks of sun and breeze to be able to drive on the paddock to do the set up. So we couldn’t make the call sooner, and now there’s not much point in pretending and calling it later.

We’ve got degraded granite soils. When it’s wet like this, if you break through the crust you get spew and all who try to pass shall not.

Bilyana is literally a family back yard . Looking after it is the top priority. Also looking after family.
We’re thinking possibly New Years again or perhaps later in January…

We will refund everyone who wants one no problem. It may also be possible to hang on to them for when we do go ahead. More to come on that but for now please do not sell tickets to each other as it makes it hard with refunding.

It’s a hard call indeed. We were just about to drop a line up with 80 acts growing to silly numbers over 120 very soon.

Ticket sales have been absolutely awesome – we’ve no issues about this what so ever. I was stoked to see how many people are bringing their kids and how far and wide people have spread. I’ve been loving seeing so many crew from Melbs coming and always wonder if you know how close you live to each other…

The proverbial wet blanket has been thrown over the first weekend of December. We are going to pull it off this summer and hope to work that out very soon. As you might imagine there’s a fair bit going on to let all the key people know about this change and to confirm dates.

Most importantly right now, the waters are affecting a lot of people in a real way. We’re all good and I hope you are to.

Stay tuned for new dates and possible Melb gig some time when the Festy would have happened. Thinking there are bands and punters a plenty who’d like to boogie and catch up…