So…. I came to Australia

So…. I came to Australia from the grits and pits of the North of England in 2003. My daughter and i went to FRL 2004 ( she was 4) our first festival in this country!
Met a man there, Archer….. he kept asking for a dance/kiss/chat…i totally wasn’t interested, he was persistent…. we ended up hitch-hiking back to Melbourne together….
We now have 2 sons 12yrs and 11yrs old… he is a musician, it didn’t work, out between us,  🙂 but thanks to this beautiful meeting, i have a lot…. i always think of the land as a birthing pad, the landscape is so feminine strong and i will return this year with my daughter who is now 18 and my two boys ❤ magic memories of a younger, slightly stupider, thirsty, excited, me transcend to a wiser, with less feist older and more content me. Can’t wait X